I love the ‘About’ section of the website. It gives people the opportunity to blow their trumpet. But on the contrary, I have written this page like a letter to my friend.

So, who is Rachana Gupta?

I live in Mumbai with my husband, Vishal & our teen age son Soham.

I have worked with large corporates in India for 16 years in leadership roles.

I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

What you really want to know is TWO THINGS:


Why am I a happiness coach?

Since childhood, I have been asked by family, friends & colleagues - How are you so happy and cheerful all the time..?

I never thought about this as it was inherent within me. In spite of high stress levels at work, I rarely experienced Monday blues. People around me were intrigued by this and I guess this made me excel in my work and life. But over a period of time fancy designations, income, awards, none of it made me happy anymore.

A strong urge within to share my secrets of happiness inspired me to bid adieu to a successful corporate career and pursue my dream. My life-long commitment is enabling people to lead happier & fulfilled lives.


What make ME an expert on HAPPINESS?

I have acquired secrets of happiness in three ways: -

Experiences – Happiness has to be experienced and that is the only way to understand it. You must feel it to get it! I have practiced happiness habits for decades to come to understand it experientially.

Observations – When you observe people with an unbiased approach & with a desire to learn, they provide you plenty of valuable insights about life. I have intuitively observed and captured thoughts & actions of others along with my own. This provided me a deep understanding of human behavior and what makes people happy.

Research – Books are one’s best friend, philosopher and guide. And I too love reading books, stories & people and learn from it!

You’re still reading…? Good..!

You may have THREE more questions…


What exactly is a happiness coach?

‘Thoda Hai, Thode ki Zaroorat Hai’ sums up the nature of happiness. While you know you need more of happiness but may not know how to get it. A coach helps you acquire the precise know-how that is specific to you.


Why do I need one?

Even though your search for happiness is common but your reason for unhappiness is unique. A coach helps you understand yourself and hand-holds you to find that missing link for your happiness. You just get it right the first time.


How does it all work?

Once you learn to walk, swim or cycle you become self-reliant. So is the case with happiness habits. I will help you identify your uniqueness & inculcate habits that shall enable you to be happy irrespective of your circumstances.

Life will not change for you – it will still continue to throw up surprises & challenges. But now you are well equipped to deal with circumstances and effortlessly celebrate every moment of your life.......